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2015 No Halls Barred Tour

"Heartfelt songs rooted in a love for people, places and nature. Two great communicators who are also fine musicians and singers - the Roundhouse audience was spellbound." Bruce Carnaffin, Staveley Roundhouse Theatre , 2013

'“"The Howden Jones duo brought together our village of East Challow, Oxfordshire in an evening of friendship and warmth - lovely music - delightful songs - and tales of the unexpected. Kate and Paul came as strangers to our community - they parted as friends." Colin Moss - East Challow Village Hall committee 2014

Kate and Paul are musicians who continue travelling all over the country playing at Village Halls Churches and Community Venues. In the past 4 years they created their 'beautiful music in beautiful places' Tour, and have been sharing their music and stories, often meeting friendly and fascinating people and visiting some wonderful, unusual venues in sometimes remote and always beautiful areas along the way. The 2015 Tour is called 'No Halls Barred', so whether your venue is a Nissan Hut, a Methodist Chapel or a Reading Room howdenjones' versatility will adapt to any space . As contemporary musicians they enjoy exploring the acoustic sound of each unique venue and use no effects. Their show has been described as, 'relaxed and enchanting' and 'an absolute delight', 'their joy, talent and good humour were infectious'. 'music for all ages'

'We have heard some brilliant guitar playing at the hall in recent years - but none as warm and mellifluous as these two talented performers.The lyrics were poetic, based on closely observed details of life and sometimes bizarre local stories, and the tunes quite beautiful. And between the songs Kate and Paul told amusing anecdotes. It all made for a gentle and thoroughly entertaining evening.' Clayhidon Village Hall, Devon.2014


With seven albums of work in their catalogue and a sheer delight in live performance that shows, they continue to bring their ‘beautiful music to beautiful places.’


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