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“ Beautiful arrangements and sparkling harmonies."

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No Hot Bottoms on the Worktops (2015)


15 songs and 3 instrumentals: Mistletoe, Lizzie, Moonwaltz, Yeppe Knave, Silver Waters, Up the Locks, Splitscreen, Titchy's tunes: Lying in the Sun, the Road to Rich Hill*, Lapwing, Beltaine, Beautiful Again, The Bird Reels: First Flight, George and mildred, Coots on Ice, Anti-War Song, Motorway, Pretty Fair Maid, McAlpine's Feats, Dream Catcher, Goodnight Dynamite, Life on the Road.

All songs © howdenjones except * written by Sarah Cheffins. 12 page booklet with words to all songs.

CD available for £10.00 (+ £2 post and packing)

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